Understand your Data!

Don't let your data gather dust on your storage. It may contain valuable insights, customer behaviour and trends. DataScience Berlin helps you understand and analyze your data to get a competetive advantage.

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We organize seminars on statistical data analysis, data mining and machine learning. Our courses range from beginner level with an overview in statistics and working with tools to advanced insights into machine learning and applications. Our seminars target the use of data science in everyday work together with experiences in state-of-the-dart storage and analysis technologies, like Cassandra or stream datamining.

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Do you know how your scores are calculated? Learn how scores, trends and impact are derived from data. Our special industry-focussed seminars provide the insights to understand the methods used in big data analysis and social media. You will learn the practical relevance and drawbacks of common methods and we will put you in position to make informed decisions.

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Let us help you develop new strategies to optimize products and processes, better product designs or improve usability. It's your requirements we keep in mind and we will organize for you a small-size meeting with our data analysis and machine learning specialist Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller or other recognised specialists to work on your strategies and issues.

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